This document describes configuration of development environment required to develop plugins for Q7.

Install Q7 product

Install Eclipse platform

Download Eclipse 3.7 from http://eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-rcp-and-rap-developers/indigosr2.

You can select your platform from Download Links section on the right side of the page.

Unpack downloaded ZIP-file.

Install Q7 product

Launch Eclipse from this fresh installation.

Open Eclipse Marketplace dialog:

Use it to locate and install Q7 product:

To configure target platform for q7 please go to Preferences -> Plug-in development -> Target platform:

Select Running Platform and click OK,

Launch Q7 with extensions

To launch q7 with extension plugins please create new Eclipse Application launch configuration and select "Run a product" with com.xored.q7.platform.product as a product.

Examples repository

We have setup examples git repository for Q7 extensions.

It is located at: https://github.com/xored/q7.extensions.reporting  

Please use following url to clone code using git: 

git clone https://github.com/xored/q7.extensions.reporting