Application Under Test

Q7 support two kind of Application Under Test:

External Application Under test:

For External AUT we need to have unpacked Eclipse based binary product.

Q7 will not cause any damage to Application installation, so be safe to use any working Eclipse product.
Q7 uses PDE to launch application, so most of all Eclipse Product configurations are supported.

Q7 uses AspectJ to make runtime modification to SWT, and other Eclipse plugins. Q7 passes equinox weaving extension to AUT configuration.
Also Q7 passes some additional command line arguments, so be sure your application is not fail silence then catch unsupported arguments.

To configure new AUT let's do following steps:

  1. Press "New AUT button"  in Applications View.
  2. Specify AUT location and name in "New Application Under test dialog."

Then parameters are specified AUT will be created and visible from Applications view.

After aut is specified it could be started. In most situations it aug should be started without problems. In case if it is not started please refer to 

Then something going wrong:

If something going wrong and AUT is could not be started, and Q7 don't display any appropriate error message please refer to: How to launch AUT with OSGi console? and allocate console output for AUT.
Please track for console output to understand situation. It satiation is unclear please contact us, and we will provide a appropriate help. 

Remote application under test: 

Remote application under test is a Pro Q7 feature. This allow to connect to any AUT with Q7 runtime injected in local network.
Also this way is appropriate for development environments, then AUT is started from sources.

Please refer to: Remote AUTs Q7 for instructions about how to configure AUT with Q7 runtime.

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