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Q7 Main Window

Q7 Main window looks as ordinary is a set of plugins for Eclipse Workbench RCP application.. So it look and feel same as Eclipse 3.7.

Main useful views are:

  • Q7 Explorer- allow to manager all bunch of test cases, test suites, contexts and projects.
    • On top of view contain search box for easy filtration of required test cases/ contexts by filename, tags.
    • Main entry point for all Q7 test case management. 
    • Useful operations here is: Create Q7 project/testcase/context/testsuite.
  • Applications - applications view allow to manage list of Application Under Test configurations.
    • Allow to control/add/edit/remove of Application Under Test.
    • AUT's are also could be managed from Run Configuration's dialog. But using of Applications view is a little bit easier. 
  • Execution View- allow to track execution of test cases.

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    • Allow to track test case executions.
    • Hold history of last 30 executions.
    • Allow easy navigation to test cases.
    • Display execution status. 

Following screenshots shows ordinary Q7 Workbench.

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Next step: Define Application Under Test