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To get the Node ID of current machine, download Q7 Runner and execute the following command line:

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java -jar /path/to/q7/runner/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.12.10.R36x_v20101122_1400v20110502.jar -application com.xored.q7.licensing.util 

Licensing util is included both into Q7 Runner and Q7 IDE, so you could use any of them to get your node ID. 

The output of this command should look like this:

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Node ID of this machine: 659d27b6-036d-41c8-988d-40b594826e0e 
Please email with this node id to get your license file 
By default Q7 Runner assumes that license file path is ${user.home}/com.xored.q7.runner.l9,
to specify custom location:
  - Use -licenseFile arg when using Q7 Runner from command-line
  - Add <q7><licenseFile>path-to-file</licenseFile></q7> element into plugin configuration when using Q7 Maven Plugin
Email this Node ID to and we will respond you with evaluation license file.