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This quick tutorial will describe how to run Eclipse Application from sources with Q7 to test UI functionality.



  • Eclipse SDK 3.7.x - (For Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2 please refer to Remote AUTs Q7
  • Java 1.6.x or greater.


  1. First step:
    We need to have Eclipse SDK installed.
  2. Due to extra dependency with Q7 1.2.7, we need to install draw2d component since is required by Q7.
    This could be done installing GEF from 
    This step will be not required with Q7 1.2.8 and greater. 
  3. Second step:
    Install Q7 into Eclipse SDK using update site:
    We need to select all components except Q7 Runner.
  4. After installation finish, Q7 could be used to start AUT and so on.

Running Eclipse Application with Q7

First we need to have proper Eclipse Application configuration exist. Be sure to specify correct product/application id and parameters.


Then we could create Eclipse Application under Test



Warning Troubleshooting.

Known issues:

  • Warning If AUT from sources launching fails with error message: No org.eclipse.equinox.weaving.hook plugin
    Copy four plugins from q7/plugins/com.xored.q7.updates.runtime_qualifier/q7/plugins/ right into eclipse/plugins folder(or whatever where Equinox plugins are located).
    • org.eclipse.equinox.weaving.aspectj_qualifier.jar
    • org.eclipse.equinox.weaving.hook_qualifier.jar
    • org.aspectj.runtime_qualifier.jar
    • org.aspectj.weaver_qualifier.jar