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Where I can find a release notes?

The release notes for Q7 version's  located here – Release notes and Version Changelog

Where I can find a user guide?

Browse this space for pages related to various help topics. Also we have a bunch of screencasts here –

How can I report an issue?

Just drop us a line at Also we have a public Jira here –

I cannot connect to YouTube, where I can find Q7 Demo Videos:

Please use these direct links:

AUT Configuration

How can I alter the environment variables for AUT process?

See the detailed steps here – Configure Environment for AUT

How to locate AUT workspace folder?

See steps here - Locate Workspace for AUT executed from Q7

Test Execution

How can I execute Q7 tests as part of our build process?

There are two ways to launch Q7 tests in continuous integration environment:

Both produce JUnit reports, which can be understood by continuous integration servers like Bamboo or Jenkins/Hudson. 

How can I specify the test execution order?

Right now there's no way to set test execution order explicitly, because we are trying to keep Q7 tests independent. Thus, instead of having one test to reuse an environment prepared by another, we use state management, more on this is described on this page –

How can we test an update site?

Both Q7 Runner and Q7 Maven Plugin can 'install' your plugins before test execution into an existing Eclipse application, for example into existing Eclipse package downloaded from, see injection.

Supported technologies.

How can I test GEF/GMF applications?

It is easy, just begin recording for your GEF/GMF diagram.

How can I test web browser application with Q7?

Q7 is mainly targeted to Eclipse SWT/RCP application testing. We have basic support for browser embedded into Eclipse, but with a lot of limitations.
We have technology preview of RAP based applications support, but it is not yet ready for production. Please check to Connect Q7 to RAP application from sources for more information.
Standalone browser applications are not planned to be supported.


What is ECL?

ECL stands for Eclipse Command Language – it is open-source general-purpose scripting language which is used by Q7. 

Why ECL?

Please take a look here –

Where I can find ECL syntax description?

Syntax is described in ECL wiki on Github –

Where I can find a list of all ECL commands available in Q7?

The API for the actual version (latest available at can be found at

How can I implement my own ECL command?

See the New Command Guide

How can I use my ECL command in my Q7 tests?

Basically all you need is to make sure that the plugin defining your commands is present in your application under test. To avoid putting extra plugins to your product during continuous integration, we recommend to use injections. An illustration of the whole process can be found in this GitHub repository –