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ECL contexts are now in portable format.

Ecl context files are now stored in portable format, and they are version control system aware.

So following file:

Will be stored as:


Add preference values in Preferences context

With Q7 1.1.8 it is possible to add custom preference values into preference context.

Following text are used to perform add:

  • /instance - could be used to add general preference keys.
  • /configuration - could be used to add configuration preference keys.


Improved ECL assertion commands.

Ecl now contains following additional assertion commands:

  • gt - to check if one argument is greater then another.
  • lt - to check if one augment is less then another.
  • not - to perform not.
  • not-eq - to check values are not equal.

Combined with assert-true we could use them to perform more complex assertions.

New syntax for "try" command.

Command "try" now accept -command -catch -finally, -times, -delay parameters.

  • -command - is executed, if it is failed, we try to execute it one more time, no more then "-times" times.
  • -catch - is executed if -command is not passed at all.
  • -finally - is executed in anyway after all -command and -catch commands are executed.

So it is possible to execute following test case: