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Major changes

Advanced assertions

Add assertions to any property of UI elements and referenced objects, no matter how deep, works with custom controls too!

Q7 Portable format

Export any test case with all its contexts into plain text. Send it by email, attach it to a bug, send it to colleague via instant message. Exported test case can be imported into free Q7 Platform and replayed – no more boring 'steps to reproduce', no more zip attachments.

Global search/replace

Perform full text search in test cases/contexts. Search in description, tags, script content.

Performance boost

More efficient storage formats for test cases and contexts with smart indexes drastically reduced memory consumption and sped up such operations like:

  • Q7 startup
  • Building
  • Searching
  • Launching
  • Opening test/context

Now you can easily handle projects with thousands of tests without any noticeable performance hit.

Other changes

  • 64-bit Q7 works with 32-bit AUTs and vice versa
  • Better handling of AUT restarts
  • Better management of launch configurations inside AUT via Debug context
  • Support for slider widget
  • Improved typing into browser control
  • Workspace context allows to skip certain folders during clearing workspace
  • Apply contexts right from Contexts section of Test Case editor

Some stats

~ 2.5 months since 1.0
more than 150 bugs fixed
more than 30 usability improvements