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Create Ecore Model

  • Create model folder in the root directory of your plugin
  • Right click on model folder and select New > Other... > Eclipse Modeling Framework > Ecore Model > Next
  • Choose a name for your model. In our case it will be view.ecore
  • Press Finish

Created model will be opened in the editor and we need to specify package details using Properties View as shown below:

Add ShowViews command class

We need to create new EClass for our ECL command.

  • Create new EClass and change its name to ShowViews in the Properties View
  • Right click your editor and select Load Resource... menu item
  • In the opened dialog press Browse Registered Packages... button
  • Select http:/ package:

  • Add Command from the ECL package as a super type to your ShowViews class.

Add View class

Now we need one more EClass to represent Eclipse View details.

  • Create EClass called View
  • Add three string attributes to this class: id, label and description

Generate java sources

We need to create generation model to build java sources for our model.

  • Right click on the view.ecore file in the Package Explorer and select New > Other... > Eclipse Modeling Framework > EMF Generator Model > Next
  • Default view.genmodel name for generator model is OK for us, so just press Next
  • Select Ecore model item and press Next
  • Click Load button and press Next again
  • Select view.ecore as a root package and add ECL and EMF packages as references. Press Finish

  • In the opened editor select View package and change base package attribute to org.eclipse.ecl.example:

  • Right click View package and select Generate Model Core. All necessary java sources will be generated.